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In this day and age with manufactures producing products cheaper and lowering their warranties you the consumer are at their mercy.

As of January 6th. 2006 most American manufacturers lowered their warranties to a 1 year parts and labor warranty across the board and lowered all repair parts that are purchased from a 1 year warranty to 90 days.

I believe that manufacturers should value their quality more than that so I am prepared to do what no other appliance service company in this area will do.

I guarantee all parts for "1" year from the date of installation *

While we are on the subject of quality, lets talk about how local and national service companies warranty their labor. Some companies don't warranty their labor at all, while some give you 30 days. The better service companies as well as the national companies give you a gracious 90 day warranty on their labor.

I guarantee my labor for the "life" of the appliance*

Do you know who your letting into your home?

Some people advertising as appliance technicians have no business license, insurance, or accreditations to perform any type of service legally.

I am factory trained with 20 years of experience. I am licensed, insured, and bonded. CFC certified in refrigerant. Knowledgeable on the latest brands, repair techniques, and have access to technical support and data that most others do not.

PSA Certified Master Technician(Read more under "about me"section)

I am the only Certified Master Technician in the Pee Dee region.

Have you ever thought about the parts that are being installed on your appliances?

While most companies do use new quality parts when doing repairs there are some that will use generic parts and sometimes even used parts to complete a repair.

I only use new genuine factory parts and stock hundreds of the most popular parts to enable me to complete your repair quickly.

* these warranties are void if failures are due to customer abuse or neglect of the product and or part or if the appliance if moved improperly in current residence or to a new one. Labor warranty does not apply if a previously installed part fails unless the failure is a result of my labor.1 year parts warranty only valid if I install the part, not if I sell you the part and you install it.

Certain situations may waive these warranties (housing structure / venting, water supply) in which case it will be described to you previously at the time of service an noted along with appropriate recommendation to correct the said problem area.

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