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Range Clock Works But The Top Burners And Oven Doesn't.... 99% of the time when I get this complaint it's due to a power related issue, usually a tripped breaker. As with a Dryer, a range requires 240VAC through a "double pole" 50 amp breaker.One pole supplies 120VAC which is what your clock needs to operate but for the range to heat (top and oven) there must be 240VAC. Check your breaker for the range..turn it off and on a couple of times and then try the range again.

Dish washer Hot At The End Of Cycle But Dishes Not Fully Dry....are you using a "rinse aid" all dish washers these days will not yield good washing results without the use of a rinsing agent. This helps shed the water for a better end result (plastic dishes will never fully dry) Also, periodically use a cleaning agent like "AFFRESH" to help keep your dish washer running properly "see maintaining a dish washer page".

Sides Of Refrigerator Are Very Hot To The touch....when's the last time you cleaned out from under your refrigerator? Air needs to circulate around the refrigerator. The air is pulled in from the front through the bottom grille, out through the back, and up over the top of the unit. If the coils or front grille are clogged with dust and animal hair this will cause excessive heat on the sides of the unit as well as around the front of the frame where the door gaskets seal. This also causes the compressor (heart of the refrigerator) to become excessively hot and can shorten its life if left in this state for a long period of time. Your refrigerator may also begin to not cool properly as well.

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