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Here are a few common issues that you the consumer can check before calling a technician.

Dryer Not Heating.... are you sure it isn't heating? Run the dryer for a minute and open the door. Do you feel heat? If so, the dryer is most likely working properly and the trouble lies with the venting of the dryer. See the "Proper Dryer Venting" page. However if you verified there is no heat you should now check your circuit breaker for the dryer. Why you ask? A clothes dryer requires 240VAC to operate properly. 120VAC is required for the motor to run and 240VAC for the dryer to heat. The circuit breaker is a 30 amp "double pole" breaker meaning there's 2 separate switches. If one of the breakers trip the dryer will run and not heat. This is very common and will cost you a service call charge for a 2 minute job that you could have checked yourself. Even if the breaker doesn't appear to be tripped turn it off then back on a couple of times and try the dryer again.

Front Load or HE Top Load Washers Showing Codes LD,SD,SU,SUD.... are you using HE detergent? Regardless of what the salesman might have told you or what you have been accustomed to in the past, ALL front load and top load HE machines require the use of HE detergent as well as the proper amount of detergent. HE (high efficiency) machines use a different type of washing action than the older machines that you are use to. HE detergent is low sudsing specially designed for this type wash action and low water consumption of HE machines. Standard detergent will cause excess sudsing which will result in mechanical problems as well as poor wash quality. If your not using HE detergent and are getting these error codes try running a few empty loads with hot water and this will usually take care of the problem. Then you can begin using the proper HE detergent.

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