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Next time uncle "Bubba" is over for dinner, 

you might want to know the truth to some common misconceptions when it comes to appliance problems. Although, i'm sure Bubba will disagree.

"Well every body knows if ur dryer aint heatin then ya heatin coil is bad"...

not quite Bubba, relax and have another drink.

The truth of the matter is although the heating element is a common failure part of the a dryer and will prevent the dryer from heating if it is bad, there are 9-12 different things that can cause a dryer not to heat depending on the dryer style. So before Bubba talks you into "ridin up town ta getcha a new one" (that you wont be able to return if not needed) you need to call a professional or do some actual testing.

"Ur frige aint cold ya say...prolly needs some freeze-on". That's pronounced Freon (free-on) but thanks Bubba for that intellectual stimulation go have another pork rind.

It's true that Freon is needed for your refrigerator to cool. However, normally you wont have a freon related issue. A refrigerator is like any other cooling system including cars, central heating and air, ice machines, etc. Normally there is another problem hindering the units cooling process. The freon is withheld inside of metal tubing and is part of the "sealed system" meaning the freon (gas) will always be there unless the tubing springs a leak. If you do have a leak DO NOT let Bubba "shoot a lil gas in her" . The gas will only leak out again. The leak must be repaired properly and this type of work also requires a special license for working with refrigerant. If this type of work is needed to be done it's generally time to purchase a new refrigerator as the cost to do this type of repair is $550-$650. Again, just because your unit isn't cooling properly does not mean you automatically need freon.

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