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Calibrating oven temperatue
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Calibrating oven temperatue

How do I adjust the oven temperature on my range?
There have been numerous oven control systems used over the years. The following instructions describe various methods that might be employed to correct such a condition.
In almost all cases if the temperature reading is more than 35°F out, some part of the control system will need to be repaired. Usually adjustment will not provide an adequate solution to the condition and may even make it worse.
Before attempting any kind of adjustment on a hydraulic oven control, make sure the thermostat's sensor bulb is properly mounted in the oven cavity and not touching the oven wall or metal rack.

Some repairs are more simple than you think.

Dryer taking longer than normal to dry? When is the last time you check your vent hood? Check every few months to avoid costly repairs and keep your dryer running efficiently.

Installing a dryer or range cord

Have you ever moved from one house to another only to find out that the cord on your clothes dryer or electric range doesn't fit thier outlets? There are two different cord configurations for both a clothes dryer and an electric range. For instance, your cord may have 3 prongs but the outlet has 4 slots or vicaversa. In this event you will have to change the power cord to the appropriate style to match your outlet. This is something you can do yourself. Here are two pictorials describing 3 and 4 wire connections that apply to both clothes dryers and electric ranges.