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Dryer Vents 

Dryer vent cleaning, replacement, redesign services must be inspected before a quote can be given. Typically if your home or mobile home has a crawl space, the laundry room is located on an outside wall,and all that is needed is a simple cleaning (no venting parts needed) you can expect the total charge to be $109-$119

If your laundry room is located within the center of the home and no parts are needed then you can expect the total charge to be $119-149

If your home is built on a concrete slab (with no crawl space) and your venting is through the roof and no parts are needed you can expect the total charge to be $129-$159

Homes built on a concrete slab with the venting inside of the concrete or commercial applications where the venting is in the rafters or walls can only be quoted upon inspection and are typically much higher.

As with the appliance services you can expect to pay a $65 service call charge upon inspection (which is good for 30 days) which is waived if you decide to have the service completed and the flat rate charge is enforced.

Most of the time parts are needed and or the vent system will need some modification in order to maintain your dryers efficiency and reduce the risk of a potential fire hazard in the future.

You will get an upfront, honest,and detailed diagnosis of your vent systems current faults and what should to be done in order the correct any situation. I pride myself with providing you with the latest venting improvements and information that allows you to make the most informed decision for your families safety.

Don't let your family be another statistic, have your vent system inspected toda

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